The Nelson's County demo

by Feral Mouth

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Four tracks that will be on the upcoming album 'Nelson's County' recorded in the working stages.


released August 1, 2013

Recorded by Nathan Hawdon



all rights reserved


Feral Mouth Norwich, UK

Feral Mouth are an alternative country string band from Norwich Norfolk. They formed officially in early 2010 following other related projects.
The band take a large bit of their influence from old time country and bluegrass music as well as more contemporary styles too.
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Track Name: A Hundred Kinds Of Lonely
There's a hundred kinds of lonely
You'll be bound to see them all
If you can't find a friend in me
You won't find a friend at all

Gave you all that i could give you
Gave you everything i had
You left me standing here with nothing
You took everything and ran

Poetic license with your soul
It's just a tale to tell your friends
You told me that same old story
And i don't like the way it ends

You appeared right out of nowhere
Sure and real though you did seem
It wasn't til i tried to hold you
That i found out it's just a dream.

But i found out it's just a dream
Track Name: Tatters
First i struggled at my tether
Til at last my ties were tattered and frayed
And i pulled til i got loose
But now i fear I'm drifting away

You were my prison and my shelter
Now I'm only out in the cold
And I've been so long out searching
But i can't find a place to rest my weary soul

Cos it turned out freedom's just searching
Searching for some meaning to find
And how I've ruined my body
For trying just to reconcile my mind

Now when the sun comes tomorrow
Well it will not raise me up from my bed
Cos while my body lays sleeping
I'll be keeping all these troubles from my head
Track Name: Contradiction
If there isn't contradiction don't you know you're only stuck out on one side?
When we surely should be finding out the truth instead of wrestling with our pride
And don't get stuck in all your rituals to the point you find your hands and feet are tied
When it's because of blind belief or because we think we cannot change that we're denied

You're believing in some clever words you heard somewhere and calling them your own
And so convinced of your opinion and your argument, you'll never let it go
For those who stick to one direction, it sure enough in time will lead them to a wall
But don't be afraid to change your mind, don't be afraid to change which side you fall.

It doesn't matter if it's real or if it's something i made up
Cos if it's something that i feel then to believe it is enough
But you don't believe in all you hear, why be so sure of all you see?
When if there's one thing that I'm sure, it's that there ain't no certainty
Track Name: Old Man (live)
What day or night was it you woke and found that life had crept behind you?
Left you wearing down a memory like an old tape cassette
Maybe it's down to age and time and that's what makes you so much wiser
Maybe it's just the fear of knowing that you ain't got too long left

So tell me all about your life old man, tell me about your story
Please just try to tell me something that i can't already see
See every time i stop and ask they seem to send me some way different
And i'm starting to suspect that they're just all as lost as me

They say the ties of youth and recklessness are bound to go together
Mistaken ways of living free until that freedom's all used up
But i've known folks right near the end who say they've barely even started
And i've known folks who long before that time will say they've had enough

For all we look we only witness one small part of something bigger
Those not scared of being wrong about it don't deserve to know
Some will search their whole damned life away and still never get it figured
Some will never even look and claim they've seen it even so